You generate money. With every click

With SoKhrates you have the power to create wealth. How? By regularly using the social network, voting and sharing projects you like and carry in your heart. SoKhrates provides the tools to upload and share videos, photos and news about social, environmental and animal issues. Sokhrates connect you with people and communities who, like you, want to make a concrete contribution to the creation of a more just, equitable and solidarity society.

The spirit of Action

SoKhrates is already a concrete contribution, "Justice, solidarity and peace" are not only the engine of our actions, but also the motor of its own creation. We move from intention to action, and SoKhrates is the proof: all you see is inspired by the most gracious values , it is real, concrete and tangible.

Decides which projects to support and generates SK coins

The mechanism is very simple and effective: by supports a project that expresses your feelings, could be projects of social, environmental or animal issues. Share and assign "SK coins" to it: that alone is enough for the project to be funded by the countless philanthropists we found on our journey. We are a community willing to put into circulation revenues for our intention simply and effectively: for a fairer world, a world of peace, where there is truth and harmony.